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“Something Must Break” by Ester Martin Bergsmark is a Stockholm-set love story between two young men, androgynous Sebastian and Andreas who sees himself as straight. They dream about escaping boredom and the risk of becoming what everyone else is.

Feature Films

The Quiet Roar by Henrik Hellström. Photo: Idyll

Marianne is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Left with angst, she gets medication that transfers her to her subconscious. The Quiet Roar is screened at the CPH PIX Festival.

Short Films

Pussy Have the Power by Lovisa Sirén. Photo: Lisabi Fridell

Pussy Have the Power is the song improvised by four girls in a recording studio. When a music producer walks in, they get the choice of selling out their work but their ideals are at stake.


Penthouse North by Johanna St Michaels. Photo: Johanna St Michaels

The former beauty queen, Agneta lives in the shadow of her glamorous past. Now she has one goal - not to lose her home in NYC. Penthouse North has its world premiere at the Hot Docs.