Welcome to Filmrummet!

The Swedish Film Institute's Filmrummet (“The Film Room”) is a series of seminars, workshops and talks, held at the Film House in Stockholm and at other locations in Sweden. Our ambition is to be a creative meeting place for discussion and dynamic controversy, a forum for explorative processes surrounding film, film policy and cinematic art. 

Filmrummet. Photo: Christopher Mair, The Swedish Film Institute
Black is the New Black, 9 October 2014. Photo: Christopher Mair, The Swedish Film Institute

Most of the talks and seminars are in Swedish, but we often invite guests from other countries, in which case the prefered language is English. Since the first ever Filmrummet, during the autumn of 2012, which saw Germaine Greer enter the stage at the Film House, our international guests have included German director Hilma Sanders-Brahms, queer activist and performance artist Diane Torr (9 March 2013) and David Hancock from Screen Digest (21 March 2013). Film heritage specialists Nicola Mazzanti and Marisol Pérez Guevara (12 april 2013). Cathy and Paul Huisin'tveld from the Dutch online distribution company Gofilex (21 2013).
Phd Patricia Pisters from the Amsterdam University and Norwegian director Joachim Trier (In the Presence of Film 26-27 November 2013).
Nadia El Fani, filmdirector from Tunisia, Kudzai Chimbaira, actor and director from Zimbabwe and the Nigerian filmdirector Nevline Nnjai. (20 March 2014). Maike Mia Höhne, curator at The Berlin Film Festival and Catherine Colas, from the Franco-German TV-channel Arte. Orwa Nyrabia, Syrian film producer (15 April 2014).
Johannes Anyuro, author (9 Oct 2014) and Taiye Selasi, author (10 Oct 2014)
Filmrummet. Photo: Christopher Mair, The Swedish Film Institute
Breakfast with Steve Gravestock, Senior Programmer, TIFF. Photo: Christopher Mair, The Swedish Film Institute

Published 25/09/2012   Changed 24/09/2012