About the archive

The Archival Film Collections of the Swedish Film Institute constitute one of the oldest film archives in the world. Our mission is to collect, catalogue, preserve and give access to Sweden's film heritage, by which we mean all Swedish and foreign films released in cinemas in Sweden: feature films, non-fiction films, animations, commercials, news-reels etc.

The criteria, principles and ethical codes which guide our work are collected in the document Policy of the Archival Film Collections of the Swedish Film Institute. We are a member of the international federation of film archives, FIAF, and of the federation of European film archives ACE.

In order to ensure that Sweden's film heritage may also be accessed by future generations, our films are preserved in specially designed analogue and digital storage facilities. For further information, read more under Conservation.

Films that are damaged or incomplete need to be restored and duplicated before they can be presented again. For further information on our restoration and duplication activities, read more under Analogue preservation and duplication.

The viewing prints in the collections are mainly screened at Cinemateket, which organises cinema screenings in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. Prints from the collections are also screened at festivals, external cinemas and other FIAF venues.

The films in the collections are also made available for research thanks to our collaboration with the National Library of Sweden. Rights holders access elements from the collections for purposes of making of new copies in various formats. Read more under Accessing the collections.

Digitization of the collections

The transition from analogue to digital technology means that most cinemas today are only able to show digital copies. If the analogue films in our collections are to be enjoyed in cinemas in the future, they have to be digitized. Read more under Digitization of film heritage.


On the web site filmarkivet.se you have the opportunity to see unique archival moving image material that are rarely accessed otherwise; mainly shorts, non-fiction films, news-reels and commercials; films that reflect the transformation of Swedish society over the last century.

The site is available in Swedish only, and none of the films have sub-titles, but the service is for free and can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world. Filmarkivet.se is a collaboration between the Swedish Film Institute and the National Library of Sweden.

Flickan i Frack (Karin Swanström, 1926)

The restored version of "Flickan i frack" (Karin Swanström, 1926) was first screened in June, 2008. ©1925 AB Svensk Filmindustri.

Published 28/11/2008   Changed 19/01/2015