Regional funding

Regional resource centres

There are 19 regional resource centres in Sweden, and their tasks include developing film-related education activities, screening film and developing talent.

Funding for regional resource centres for film and video is included in the ‘collaboration model’. This means that county/regional authorities receive state funding for regional cultural activities, and they in turn allocate it to different regional cultural bodies, based on a regional cultural plan they have formulated with a wide variety of different stakeholders. Stockholm County is the only region that is not included in the collaboration model, whereby Film Stockholm is allocated funds by the Swedish Film Institute.

In addition to regional resource centres there are four regional production centres which co-produce feature length films.

Regional film production centres

There are four film production centres in Sweden. Funding for these is allocated by the Swedish Film Institute and focuses on production funding for children’s and young people’s films.


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Published 28/04/2009   Changed 15/03/2013