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Photo: Folke Rydén
Photo: Folke Rydén

Production funding for Thomas Vinterberg’s new film and a documentary on tsunami-affected families

The documentary Överlevarna – det tionde året (English title TBA) follows the remaining members of four families devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand in...
Photo: Berlinale
Photo: Berlinale

Crystal Bears for two Swedish films in Berlin

Two directors (together with actors), Sanna Lenken and Beata Gårdeler, were awarded two Crystal bears for My Skinny Sister and Flocking. Photo: Berlinale Two Swedish films won t...
Photo: Torgrim Halvari
Photo: Torgrim Halvari

Sami stories shown in Berlin

Sámi Bojá by Elle Sofe Henriksen. Photo: Torgrim Halvari. No less than seven Sami short films will be shown during the Berlin Film Festival in cooperation with the special secti...

More Swedish films at the Berlinale

The Circle has its world premiere in Berlin. Photo: Buena Vista International (Sweden) AB. The Circle ‘s film adaptation is one of the selected films in the Generation 14plus...

A Swedish transgender breakthrough

Saga Becker has made history by becoming the first Swedish transgender person to receive the National Film Award (Guldbagge). On Monday, she won Best Actress for her performance...


2015 Guldbagge Awards - Winners

The winners at the Guldbagge Awards 2015 are:

Nominations for the 2014 Guldbagge Awards

With 13 nominations, Gentlemen, the adaption of the novel by Klas Östergren, has become one of the most nominated film in the Guldbagge history.

Strong Swedish presence at Sundance once again

Feature-length documentary Pervert Park , by Frida and Lasse Barkfors, is ready for the Sundance Film Festival. The film will be competing in the World Cinema Documentary...
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