Doves and cries and hypnotists get December's production funding

Films by two of Sweden's heavyweight directors, Roy Andersson and Lasse Hallström, are among those granted production funding in December.

Foto: Arsen Airapetian
Roy Andersson directing his upcoming film. Photo: Arsen Airapetian

Roy Andersson gets funding for his upcoming A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence (En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron), the final film of a trilogy comprising the Cannes-winning Songs from the Second Floor (Sånger från andra våningen) and You, the Living (Du levande). Following on from Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Lasse Hallström's upcoming film The Hypnotist (Hypnotisören) is based on the best-selling Swedish crime novel of the same name, and stars Lena Olin and Mikael Persbrandt. And controversial artist Anna Odell makes her feature film debut with Anna Odell Untitled, a study of group dynamics and hierarchies.

Short films granted funding include The Flogsta Roar (Flogstavrålet), in which Johan Palmgren looks at a student ghetto in the university town of Uppsala. Every night at 10 o'clock the people who live there shout their anguish out loud. A film about how it is to live in a student residence when you're over 60, and how it feels to live directly above a hall where big band jazz is played. 

Feature films (more than 72 minutes)

Foto: Jonas Jörneberg
Photo: Jonas Jörneberg

Anna Odell Untitled
Director Anna Odell
Screenplay Anna Odell
Producer Mathilde Dedye
Funding recipient French Quarter Film AB
Genre Drama
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Suzanne Glansborg
Funding granted SEK 3 000 000
Production company´s presentation:Directed by Anna Odell, Anna Odell Untitled is a feature film that reflects group dynamics and hierarchies. In the grey area between fact and fiction, the film examines issues of belonging and identity.

Foto: Arsen Airapetian
Photo: Arsen Airapetian

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron)
Director Roy Andersson
Screenplay Roy Andersson
Producer Pernilla Sandström
Funding recipient Roy Andersson Filmproduktion AB
Genre Drama
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Suzanne Glansborg
Funding granted SEK 12 000 000
Production company´s presentation: Two world-weary men on a sales trip selling joke items provide an insight into a chaotic world of the present, past and future, a world of dreams and fantasies. Diverse lives and circumstances are paraded before us, reminding us both of the grandeur of life and the vulnerability of man.

Foto: Peter Salovaara
Photo: Peter Salovaara

Miss Blue Jeans
Director Matti Kinnunen
Screenplay Matti Kinnunen
Producer Anita Oxburgh
Funding recipient Migma Film AB*
Genre Drama
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Suzanne Glansborg
Funding recipient SEK 850 000
*Principal producer Periferia Productions; Outi Rousu, Finland
Production company´s presentation: Miss Blue Jeans is a bittersweet drama about 17-year-old Välde and the vulnerability of youth. Without nostalgia, the story looks back to the arrival of punk in a small, bleak town in the north of Finland, when young men of strange appearance and attitude suddenly began appearing on the streets.

The Hypnotist (Hypnotisören)
Director Lasse Hallström
Screenplay Paolo Vacirca
Producers Börje Hansson, Bertil Olsson, Peter Possne
Funding recipient AB Svensk Filmindustri
Genre Thriller
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Lars G. Lindström
Funding granted SEK 11 000 000
Production company´s presentation: Directed by Lasse Hallström, The Hypnotist is based on a highly acclaimed crime novel by Lars Kepler. A brutal murderer has virtually done away with an entire family. A son manages to survive with serious injuries, and the hunt to find the killer before he gets to the last remaining daughter is on.

Woman in the Woods (Kvinnan i skogen)
Director Rebecka Rasmusson
Screenplay Rebecka Rasmusson
Producer Rebecka Rasmusson
Funding recipient Themisfits Film
Target group Adult
Technnique Live action
Film commisioner Cecilia Lidin
Funding granted SEK 145 000
Production company´s presentation: Born deaf and dumb, Edit spent her entire life in a cottage in the forest with her animals. In the village, rumours about her past abound. In 2010 and at the age of 92 Edit dies. Shortly afterwards, as if in a detective novel, documentary filmmaker Rebecka Rasmusson begins to investigate her story. What emerges is the powerful portrait of a woman, her distressing fate and vulnerability.

Foto: JP Passi MoukaFilmi
Foto: JP Passi MoukaFilmi

The Punk Syndrome
Directos Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi
Screenplay Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi
Producer Lennart Ström
Funding recipient AUTO Images AB*
Target group Family
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Cecilia Lidin
Funding granted SEK 250 000
*Principal producer Mouka Filmi Oy; Sami Jahnukainen, Finland
Production company´s presentation: Punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät is made up of Pertti, Kari, Toni and Sami. All have learning difficulties, and they're hardly the world's best band, yet we grow to love them. A film about the right of everyone to be seen and to feel love.

Kortfilm (under 72 minuter)

En värld av kalk. Foto: Jens Klevje och Fabian Svensson
World of Limestone (En värld av kalk). Photo: Jens Klevje and Fabian Svensson
World of Limestone (En värld av kalk)
Directors Jens Klevje, Fabian Svensson
Screenplay Jens Klevje, Fabian Svensson
Producer Malin Fors
Funding recipient Conjunction
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commisioner Cecilia Lidin
Funding granted SEK 400 000
Production company´s presentation: An observation of nature and transience in a limestone quarry just outside Malmö. The film portrays nature's efforts to strike a balance and its ability to create something beautiful and unique in a landscape exploited by man.

Foto: Mårten Stenberg
Photo: Mårten Stenberg

The Flogsta Roar (Flogstavrålet)
Director Johan Palmgren
Screenplay Åsa Blanck
Producer Johan Palmgren
Funding recipient Strix Television AB
Target group Adult
Technique Live action
Film commissioner Andra Lasmanis
Funding granted SEK 300 000
Production company´s presentation: The Flogsta Roar centres on a shabby student ghetto in Uppsala and the people who live there. At 10 o'clock every night they shout their anguish out loud. Of all the reasons to want to shout, the film uncovers the most original. How, for example, does it feel to live in a student residence when you're over 60? And how does it feel to live right above a group of old men in their 80s who rehearse big band jazz?

Published 27/01/2012   Changed 31/01/2012