Cinema statistics now covering all of 2016

NB! From January 1st 2017 the Swedish Film Institute no longer have updated statistics on admissions and GBO in Swedish cinemas. This page will therefore not be uptaded in the future.

The monthly reports (in Swedish) are available here.

Facts and Figures 2015

There are statistics on the average contribution to film budgets from different categories of financers, the gender of Swedish film’s main characters and on the language spoken in films released in 2015. It also covers the distribution of production support from the Film Institute, gender equality and the cinema structure as well as film consumption in general.

Please note: The statistics below are based on playweeks used in the cinemas (friday - thursday) while the monthly reports and Facts and Figures are based on calender year.

The statistical tool

Your selections are shown in the upper right below Dina val, the most recent year and month are default. The button Rensa alla val clears all selections. Make the appropiate selections using the pull-down menus or the search option.

The column Besök totalt sedan premiär shows total Admissions since 2001. Besök period and Intäkter period shows Admissions and Gross Box Office for the period chosen, respectively. For films opening before 2001 only admissions from 2001 and onwards are presented.

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