Facts and Figures 2014

This year's Facts and Figures 2014 are now published. We report on a strong year for Swedish Film at the cinemas. This year we have new statistics on the average contribution to film budgets from different categories of financers, the gender of Swedish film’s main characters and on the language spoken in films released in 2013. There are also statistics about the distribution of production support from the Film Institute, gender equality and the cinema structure as well as film consumption in general.

Cinema statistics now covering July 2015

Our dynamic statistical tool below is now updated with cinema statistics including July 2015.

Introduction to the statistical tool

Default settings are the last month. To make other selections, clear all choices (click on Rensa alla val) and then make the appropiate selections using the pull-down menus or the search option.

The column Besök totalt sedan premiär shows Admissions irrespective of the period chosen. Besök period and Intäkter period shows Admissions and Gross Box Office for the period chosen, respectively.

The monthly reports are now based on calender year. The statistics below still follows periods used in cinemas. Data up until 30th of July is covered below.