About the Swedish Film Database

The Swedish Film Database is the Film Institute's own database. Here you can search for information about all Swedish feature films since 1897, all international films that have had Swedish theatrical premieres, as well as a large number of Swedish short, documentary and television films.

In total the Swedish Film Database comprises some 62,000 films –of which around 17,000 are Swedish – and facts about some 265,000 people who have in some way contributed to these films: directors, screenwriters, actors, etc. It also comprises information about film companies, the original sources of a film and musical works which feature in films.

Searching the Database

Searches can be undertaken in various ways. You can search on film title, names of crew and cast, companies, original sources and premiere years. If you have checked the box "Search only promoted films" the search will only cover films that have received international launch support funding from the Swedish Film Institute. For every film there is a fact sheet which sums up the information available. The fact sheet can be downloaded in pdf-format.

The various parts of the Film Database

The Swedish Film Database at www. sfi.se comprises six contents sections: Title, Name, Company, Based on, Music and Group. Title and Name are the most extensive parts, and in order to present all the information available in a clear way, there are presentation pages for both Film Title and Name which you can navigate with the help of links in a special palette. The Basic Facts page gives a summary of the most important information about each film and person.

For films granted international launch support funding there is information about Festival Contacts, Sales Contacts, etc., to the right of each film page.

Stills and films

It is currently possible to find stills in the Swedish Film Database from those films granted international launch support funding and photographs of the directors of those films. The Database also includes some two thousand photographic copies of Swedish film posters plus a small (as yet) number of film clips. We shall be adding stills and film clips on an ongoing basis in our efforts to make the Swedish Film database an even richer resource for Swedish and international films.

Swedish titles of international films

The selection of international films in the Swedish film Database is based partly on the film copies, stills and posters held by the Swedish Film Institute, and partly on the international films that have had Swedish theatrical premieres. In the Swedish Film Database you will find the correct Swedish titles for international films, something which may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Contact us

The Swedish Film Database aims to be as correct and fault-free as possible. Should you discover an error or something which is unclear, do please let us know.


Per Sundfeldt, +46 8 665 11 23
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Published 21/12/2009   Changed 14/09/2015