The Swindler (2008) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


The plot is described below.
As the Vatican's special envoy, Father Mac came to Malmoe - a catholic bishop dressed in a cloak and carrying a stick. In a short time he conquered the city, invited generously and made many friends. During one year, Father Mac won the confidence of everyone; he conducted weddings and started to invest the newfound friend's money. But when the people of Malmoe were supposed to get their loans back, with skyhigh interest, his apartement was abandoned. Father Mac was perhaps one of the greatest swindler in modern time, wanted by Interpol for fraud all over the world. This film will follow in his footsteps, to encounters with the deceived. This is above all a story about the strong will to believe, and the crack in everyday-life we all long for that makes it possible for a swindler like Father Mac to act.