Bloody Boys (2012) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:Jävla pojkarMore
Director:Shaker K. Tahrer
Producer:Niklas Lundin, Shaker K. Tahrer
Screenplay:Shaker K. Tahrer
Cinematography:Ralph M. Evers
Cast:Elin Klinga, Tom Ljungman, Stig EngströmMore
Awards:Festival AwardMore
Length:81 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 11 More
Production company:Bergsjöns kultur - & medieverkstadMore
Distributor in Sweden:Shake Film ABMore
Swedish release:2012-04-13
Plot summary:
In the contemporary drama Bloddy Boys we follow three families through three parallel stories. Birgitta decides to end her apartment lease to move in with yet another man, leaving her son, Simon, without a place to stay. Simon's dad, Tomas, seems like the only one to turn to, but he has long since given up on the world and now finds his sole company with the dead. Lina asks for a divorce, which promts Gunnar to start writing a book on the cruel ways of love and marriage. Their newly graduat...More
Photo:  Bergsjöns kultur- & medieverkstad