Keillers Park (2006)

Swedish title:Keillers ParkMore
Director:Susanna Edwards
Producer:Christina Olofson, Solveig Nordlund, Anna Pettersson
Screenplay:Pia Gradvall
Cinematography:Robert Nordström
Cast:Mårten Klingberg, Piotr Giro, Robert JelinekMore
Length:91 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 11 More
Production company:Cine-Qua-Non ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Triangelfilm ABMore
Swedish release:2006-03-24
Plot summary:
Peter has it all – a well-adjusted life and a beautiful successful girlfriend – and is even about to inherit the family company. He considers himself happy until he one day meets Nassim and looks into eyes he cannot forget. In the love story that follows the agony of Peter’s coming-out process mixes with his joy over finding himself. Nassim’s naïve charm and lust for life touches everybody he meets, but also leads to his tragedy.