Never an Absolution (2005)


Soundtrack listing
Swedish title:Aldrig en absolutionMore
Director:Cameron B. Alyasin
Producer:Thomas Allercrantz, Adel Kjellström, Sidsel Taubo Alpert
Screenplay:Cameron B. Alyasin
Cinematography:Kent Smids
Cast:Evy Makuena, Duncan Green, Marc BadiaMore
Awards:Festival AwardMore
Length:18 minutes More
Production company:Röde Orm Film ABMore
Advance allocations:Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet
Plot summary:
One day a police officer arrives at a school, investigating a murder. Dijo, 11, orphaned refugee from Congo, is identified as a witness. However, he is not just a witness. What the officer, the school and the whole system does not realize is that in this child, they are facing a former child soldier. A witness, and indeed a participant of tribal massacres and perhaps genocide. Ultimately, Dijo is a child imprisoned by his horrifying past, desperately yearning for an absolution. An absolution tha...More