Every Other Week (2006)

Swedish title:Varannan veckaMore
Director:Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren, Hannes HolmMore
Producer:Patrick Ryborn
Screenplay:Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren, Hannes HolmMore
Cinematography:Göran Hallberg, Erik Börjesson
Cast:Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren, Cecilia FrodeMore
Classification:Allowed from age 7 More
Production company:S/S Fladen Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Buena Vista International (Sweden) ABMore
Swedish release:2006-01-13
Plot summary:
A comedy drama about two brothers whose lives become very complicated. Jens’s wife Tessan refuses to believe that his friendship with stunning Johanna is purely platonic and throws him out. Jens confides in his brother Pontus who is very surprised to learn that Jens has been seeing one of his old girlfriends. When Jens discovers that it is Tessan who has cheated on him he moves to Pontus’s place. But life with Pontus is getting chaotic when Pontus realizes that he is again having feelings for Jo...More