Puppetboy (2008) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


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Swedish title:DockpojkenMore
Director:Johannes Nyholm
Producer:Johannes Nyholm
Screenplay:Johannes Nyholm
Cinematography:Henrik Andersson
Cast:Johannes Nyholm, Bo Melin, Sanna Ingermaa NilssonMore
Awards:Festival Award, Nominated for the Guldbagge AwardMore
Length:27 minutes More
Classification:Allowed for all More
Production company:JocloMore
Swedish release:2008-10-24
Plot summary:
For more than a decade, eccentric filmmaker Johannes Nyholm has worked on films featuring a little clay figure he calls "Puppetboy". Many hours of animation have been completed, yet very little has been made available to the public. Following Nyholm behind the scenes we discover a very intimate relationship between him and his protagonist.