My Uncle Loved the Colour Yellow (2008) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


Soundtrack listing
Swedish title:Min morbror tyckte mycket om gultMore
Director:Mats Olof Olsson
Producer:Lennart Ström, Magnus Gertten
Screenplay:Mats Olof Olsson
Cinematography:Nille Leander
Cast:Albin Johansson, Claes Månsson
Awards:Prize, Festival AwardMore
Classification:Allowed for all More
Production company:Auto Images ABMore
Swedish release:2008-02-04
Plot summary:
It’s the summer of 1963 in the Swedish countryside. Today is Martin’s 12th birthday and, as always, his shy uncle Helmer arrives at the party before anyone else. Also as usual his birthday present is something yellow. Helmer is very fond of the colour yellow. But when Uncle Helmer decides to paint his house yellow, the neighbours protest. And one day Martin hears rumours that Uncle Helmer is in the “madhouse”... A tragicomic short about a moving relationship between a boy and a rather special u...More