Bananas!* (2009) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


Filming locations
Technical specifications
Swedish title:Bananas!*More
Director:Fredrik Gertten
Producer:Margarete Jangård
Screenplay:Fredrik Gertten
Cinematography:Frank Pineda, Joseph Aguirre, David Auerbach
Cast: -, Juan J. Dominguez, Duane MillerMore
Awards:Festival Award, PrizeMore
Classification:Allowed for all More
Country:Sverige, Danmark, USA, Tyskland, Finland, Norge, Schweiz, Nederländerna, Spanien
Production company:WG Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:NovemberfilmMore
Swedish release:2009-10-09
Plot summary:
One third of the price of the average banana covers the cost of pesticides. All over the world, banana plantation workers are suffering and dying from the effects of these pesticides. Cancer, kidney failure, sterility. Juan Dominguez, a million-dollar personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, is on his biggest case ever.  Dole Fruit and Dow Chemicals are on trial. And history is about to be made.