7X - This Is Our Kids (2010) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:7X - lika barn leka bästMore
Director:Emil Jonsvik
Producer:Emil Jonsvik
Screenplay:André Sebastie
Cinematography:Emil Jonsvik
Cast:Fredrik Johansson, Susanna Roald, Tom LjungmanMore
Awards:Prize, Festival AwardMore
Classification:Allowed from age 15 More
Production company:First Edition PicturesMore
Distributor in Sweden:United International Pictures ABMore
Swedish release:2010-08-13
Plot summary:

When you feel powerless, what would you do? How far could you stretch to retrieve some human dignity? 7X is a movie about the feeling of hopelessness, seen through the eyes of children. It’s a story about what happens when a gun find its way into some vulnerable children’s hands. It’s a story that based on the harsh reality of life, tainted by violence, and where the search for dignity takes explosive turns…