Bekas (2012) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


Soundtrack listing
Swedish title:BekasMore
Director:Karzan Kader
Producer:Sandra Harms
Screenplay:Karzan Kader
Cinematography:Johan Holmqvist
Cast:Zamand Taha, Sarwal Fazil, Diya MariwanMore
Awards:Festival Award, Special MentionMore
Length:92 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 11 More
Country:Sverige, Finland, Irak
Production company:Sonet Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:AB Svensk FilmindustriMore
Swedish release:2012-11-30
Plot summary:

In the early 1990s Saddam Hussein's regime is putting enormous pressure on the Kurdish region of Iraq. Two homeless Kurdish boys see Superman at their local cinema and decide to run away to America. But to get there they need some things they clearly don't have: passports, money and a high degree of luck. Undeterred, they set of on their journey to pursue their own American dream.