Eskil and Trinidad (2013) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:Eskil och TrinidadMore
Director:Stephan Apelgren
Producer:Peter Possne
Screenplay:Stephan Apelgren
Cinematography:Anders Bohman
Cast:Ann Petrén, Linus Oscarsson, Saga MidfjällMore
Awards:Festival AwardMore
Length:98 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 7 More
Production company:Sonet Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:AB Svensk FilmindustriMore
Swedish release:2013-03-29
Plot summary:

Eskil moves from town to town with his father in northern Sweden. He misses his mother and sucks at playing ice hockey, the main activity among the boys his age. Things change when he meets Trinidad, a mysterious woman who lives outside society spending her time building a great ship.

Photo:  Alexandra Aristarhova