Shed No Tears (2013) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:Känn ingen sorgMore
Director:Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein
Producer:Malcolm Lidbeck, David Olsson
Screenplay:Cilla Jackert
Cinematography:Erik Sohlström
Cast:Adam Lundgren, Disa Östrand, Josefin NeldénMore
Awards:The Guldbagge Award, Nominated for the Guldbagge Award, Festival AwardMore
Length:109 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 11 More
Production company:Acne Drama ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:AB Svensk FilmindustriMore
Swedish release:2013-07-19
Plot summary:

In the town of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, Pål dreams about making it with his music. But he has one major obstacle:himself. We follow Pål on an emotional journey through friendship and hardship, love and betrayal to ultimatelyfind his call.

Photo:  Photo: Erik Sohlström