Strawberry Days (2017) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:JordgubbslandetMore
Director:Wiktor Ericsson
Producer:Erik Magnusson
Screenplay:Wiktor Ericsson
Cinematography:Nadim Carlsen
Cast:Staszek Cywka, Nelly Axelsson, Julia KijowskaMore
Awards:Festival AwardMore
Length:93 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 11 More
Country:Sverige, Polen
Production company:Anagram Film & TV ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Filmcentrum DistributionMore
Swedish release:2017-06-30
Plot summary:

15-year-old Wojtek travels to Sweden from Poland with his parents to work on a farm picking strawberries. Against all odds he forms a connection with the farmer’s daughter. The outside world will never accept the relationship, and they find themselves trapped on opposite sides when the slowly brewing conflict between the Swedes and the guest workers erupts in a sudden violent confrontation.

Photo:  ©Mikolaj Tadeus Urbanski