Stockholm My Love (2017) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


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Swedish title:Stockholm My LoveMore
Director:Mark Cousins
Producer:Anita Oxburgh, Mary Bell, Adam Dawtrey
Screenplay:Anita Oxburgh, Mark Cousins
Cinematography:Christopher Doyle, Mark Cousins
Cast:Neneh Cherry
Length:86 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 15 by default, not reviewed More
Country:Sverige, Storbritannien
Production company:Migma Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Migma Film ABMore
Swedish release:2017-03-24
Plot summary:
Architect Alva Diop is 47 years old. She loves architecture and the way buildings influence people's lives. She has a daughter aged 20. She has a husband. She finds it hard to sleep and wakes up early in the mornings to go for walks in the city. Despite her love of architecture and the people around her, she no longer feels like a participant in her own life. And she isn't. A year ago she killed a man. It was a traffic accident and Alva is actually innocent, but she is in shock anyway. And clos...More
Photo:  © Richard Ryan