Anna Linder


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Piece of music
Mini biography:Born in Storuman, Lapland. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She is active in the field of film, music and art. Since 1990 she has taken part in v...More
Director:Sperm Whore (2016), 13 Related Sewing Machines (2011), densen (2009), cum pane (2002)More
Screenplay:Sperm Whore (2016), densen (2009)
Idea:13 Related Sewing Machines (2011)
Producer:Sperm Whore (2016), The Suburban Indian (2013), Blind (2011), Unplay (2009)More
Production Manager:Djävulens polska (2000)
Production Designer:Lida pin (1998)
Production Mixer:13 Related Sewing Machines (2011)
Cast:Sperm Whore (2016)
Assistant Director:Lida pin (1998)
Script Supervisor:Lida pin (1998)
Research:Djävulens polska (2000)
Unit Manager:The Working of Utopia (2000), Freddie Wadling - en släkting till älvorna (1999), Välling och fotogen (1997), Lullaby for Lost Souls (1996)More
Casting:Djävulens polska (2000)
Unit Publicist:Maggie in Wonderland (2008), My Name Is Albert Ayler (2005), Moving North (2003), Sex vågade livet (2003)More
Still Photographer:densen (2009)