Mario Adamson

Mini biography:Mario Adamson was born in 1976 in Stockholm. His roots are in two cultures, due to his Swedish mother and Greek father. He has studied film at Stockho...More
Director:I Am Round (2011)
Screenplay:I Am Round (2011)
Producer:Heartfelt (2016), Still Born (2014), I Am Round (2011)More
Music:Nya Moderaterna (2015), Remnants of a Life (2013), I Am Round (2011), Dreams (2009)More
Production Mixer:00-Baby Boom Child (2014), I See You (2014), Future My Love (2013), High Rise Life - The Movie (2012)More
Sound Design:Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words (2015), Storm in the Andes (2015), Kvinnor som du gör en man impotent (2014), Still Born (2014)More
Associate Producer:Dreams (2009)
Composer:Love & Happiness (2005), Made in Yugoslavia (2005)
Music Mixer:Baba's Cars (2006)
Musician:Bror & syster (2007), Approve (2006)
Music Recording Engineer:Baba's Cars (2006)
Supervising Sound Editor:Bandyfarsan (2009)
Sound Editor:Remnants of a Life (2013), Achilles' Toe (2013), Dark Water (2012), Drömresan (2011)More
Sound Editor:Kick It (2014)
Re-recording Mixer:Nya Moderaterna (2015), Storm in the Andes (2015), The Wind Wagon Project (2014), Remnants of a Life (2013)More
Other Crew:The Circle (2015), Ingrid Bergman, in Her Own Words (2015), Kopps (2003)More
Thanks to:Sebbe (2010), Quinze (2006)
Music:Minnen, Följ med mig hem!, Prva ljubav, Rostilj RostiljMore
Photo:  Medusa Production