Johannes Nyholm


Based on
Piece of music
Mini biography: Johannes Nyholm was born 1974 in Umeå, raised in Lund, now lives and works in Gothenburg. Artist in the fields of film, video and animation. MA in fi...More
DirectorThe Giant (2016), Speldosan (2016), Dead End (2012), Las Palmas (2011)More
ScreenplayThe Giant (2016), Speldosan (2016), Dead End (2012), Las Palmas (2011)More
ProducerSpeldosan (2016), Dead End (2012), Las Palmas (2011), Puppetboy (2008)More
Director of PhotographyLas Palmas (2011), Dreams from the Woods (2009), The Tale of Little Puppetboy (2006), Alla sagor har ett slut (2004)More
Film EditorThe Giant (2016), Speldosan (2016), Las Palmas (2011), Dreams from the Woods (2009)More
Production MixerAlla sagor har ett slut (2004)
Sound DesignLas Palmas (2011)
AnimationThe Tale of Little Puppetboy (2008)
CastBath House (2014), Puppetboy (2008)
Associate ProducerThe Giant (2016)
Re-recording MixerLas Palmas (2011)
Graphic DesignThe Giant (2016)
Other CrewThe Giant (2016)
Screenplay:Las Palmas (2011), The Giant (2016)
Awards:Guldbagge, Festivalpris, Pris, GuldbaggenomineradMore
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