Ester Martin Bergsmark


Based on
Piece of music
Mini biography: Ester Martin Bergsmark and Mark Hammarberg met at the school of documentary filmmaking at Biskops Arnö. They have been working closely together for f...More
Director:Something Must Break (2014), She Male Snails (2012), Dirty Diaries (2009), Fruitcake (2009)More
Screenplay:Something Must Break (2014), She Male Snails (2012), Maggie in Wonderland (2008), Svälj (2007)More
Director of Photography:She Male Snails (2012), Skin (2009), Maggie in Wonderland (2008), Svälj (2007)More
Film Editor:Something Must Break (2014), She Male Snails (2012), Fruitcake (2009), Not a Svensson Anymore (2009)More
Cast:She Male Snails (2012)
Co-Producer:Maggie in Wonderland (2008)
Casting:Svälj (2007)
Additional Photography:Something Must Break (2014)
Assistant Film Editor:Maggie in Wonderland (2008)
Graphic Design:She Male Snails (2012)
Other Crew:Maggie in Wonderland (2008)
Screenplay:Something Must Break (2014)
Awards:Hedersomnämnande, Guldbaggenominerad
Photo:  Minka Jakerson