Search tips for the Swedish Film Database

The Swedish Film Database comprises information about ca. 60,000 films and 300,000 people, plus information about film companies, original sources, groups and musical works which feature in the films. Below you can read about finding the information you require.

Choose the correct search category

In order to search the Film Database you must first of all choose the correct search category. If you are looking for a film, the category should be "Film Title". If you are looking for a particular person, select the "Person" category, etc.

Search only promoted films

If you have checked the box "Search only promoted films" the search will only cover films that have received international launch support funding from the Swedish Film Institute.

Search using part of a name or title

The Film Database's search function takes your search literally. If you spell something incorrectly, it will not find what you are looking for. For example, if you want to search for the actor Kjell Bergqvist (first selecting the "Person" search category), you will not find him if you spell his name "Kjell Bergkvist". If you are uncertain of a spelling it may help to select "Contains" under the search field and search using only part of the name or title. The search function will then find all the people or films with the fragment you are searching for in their names. In this case, for example, searching for "Kjell Berg" would work well.

Some quick search tips

If you wish to search using an exact phrase, select "Exact Words" under the search field.

The search function is not case-sensitive. KJELL BERGQVIST will give the same search results as kjell bergqvist.

The search function reads è, é and e as the same character. Searching for Helene gives the same search results as Hélène.

You cannot use characters such as "+", "-" or "*" to include, exclude or truncate words in the search.

The Film Database's search categories

Film title

A film may have a number of titles, e.g. its working title, distribution title and video title. You can search using all names without being specific.


Searches using "Person" cover all the people in the database: directors, actors, scenographers, etc.


Here you can search using production companies, distribution companies, laboratories, financial backers, etc.


Role/character name, e.g. "Martin Beck". The search scans the role names in the cast list.


A search is made of the words that might be in the plot summary, such as "yacht" or "fire".


This category includes genre, place or subjects such as "murder", "engagement" or "remorse". A search generates a list of films containing these subject words. The subject word list is not comprehensive, but may provide pointers. If something is missing, it may help to search under "Plot" (see above).


Music and songs from the film's soundtrack not composed specifically for the film. The composer of an original film score can be found under "Person".

Based on

A film is not always based on an original screenplay. An original source can be a novel, short story, play, fairy story, cartoon, etc. The search can only be made from the source title: originators can be found under "Person".

Year of release

The films year of release is the year the film had its theatrical premiere in its country of origin. This often differs from the year of shooting.


Examples of groups are music groups, dance troupes, football teams and teams of writers.

Published 21/12/2009   Changed 22/12/2009