Mouth to Mouth (2005)

Swedish title:Mun mot munMore
Director:Björn Runge
Producer:Clas Gunnarsson
Screenplay:Björn Runge
Cinematography:Anders Bohman
Cast:Peter Andersson, Marie Richardson, Sofia WestbergMore
Awards:The Guldbagge Award, Nominated for the Guldbagge Award, The Plexi Dragon AwardMore
Length:94 minutes More
Classification:Allowed from age 15 More
Country:Sverige, Danmark
Production company:Zoyd Produktion ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Sonet Film ABMore
Swedish release:2005-12-25
Plot summary:
A family lives in chaos since the oldest daughter, Vera, ran away from home a year ago. All family members share the responsibility and the father, Mats, carries a heavy guilt. Vera’s 18th birthday is coming up. She is living with Morgan, a criminal older than her, who uses her loneliness. Mats gets desperate when Vera rejects his attempts to contact her.