Everyone Is Older than I Am (2012) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute


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Swedish censorship
Swedish title:Alla är äldre än jagMore
Director:Martin Widerberg
Producer:Christina Erman Widerberg
Screenplay:Martin Widerberg
Cinematography:Martin Widerberg, Christina Erman Widerberg, Arvid WiderbergMore
Cast: -, Morris Widerberg, Joel WiderbergMore
Length:75 minutes More
Production company:Widerberg Film ABMore
Distributor in Sweden:Folkets Bio ABMore
Swedish release:2012-11-02
Plot summary:
An entertaining, subjective, fun and a bit melancholic documentary about the director’s father’s inability to finish his documentary about his father and as a logic conclusion the problems with fatherhood. For them and therefore for me
Photo:  ©Widerberg Film