Balls (2010) This film is promoted by the international department of the Swedish Film Institute

Swedish title:FarsanMore
Director:Josef Fares
Producer:Anna Anthony
Screenplay:Josef Fares, Torkel Petersson
Cinematography:Linus Eklund
Cast:Jan Fares, Torkel Petersson, Hamadi KhemiriMore
Awards:Festival Award, Nominated for the Audience AwardMore
Length:98 minutes More
Classification:Allowed for all More
Production company:Memfis Film Rights5 ABMore
Advance allocations:Nordisk Film- & TV Fond
Distributor in Sweden:AB Svensk FilmindustriMore
Distributor in Sweden:AB Svensk FilmindustriMore
Swedish release:2010-02-12
Plot summary:
Balls is a heart-warming comedy about love, friendship and the art of being a man.