Peter Dalle

Mini biography: Peter Dalle is an actor, screenwriter and director. His film directing credits among others are The Dream House (1993), Yrrol (1994), Unmarried ...More
Director:An Enemy to Die For (2012), Skenbart (2003), Jävla Kajsa (1999), Ogifta par (1997)More
Screenplay:An Enemy to Die For (2012), Skenbart (2003), Ogifta par (1997), Yrrol (1994)More
Cast:The Grand Sapphire (2014), Odjuret (2012), Svensson, Svensson ... i nöd & lust (2011), Behind Blue Skies (2010)More
Commentary:La marche de l'empereur (2005)
Thanks to:Metropia (2009)
Screenplay:Yrrol (1994), Ogifta par (1997), Skenbart (2003), An Enemy to Die For (2012)More
Awards:Guldbagge, Pris, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, FestivalprisMore
Photo:  Göran Hallberg