Mårten Klingberg


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Piece of music
Mini biography:Mårten Klingberg, born in 1968, studied film at Dramatiska Institutet and is a writer/actor/director. His short Victor and His Brothers (2001) won m...More
Director:Beck - rum 302 (2015), Cockpit (2012), Loved Ones (2012), Offside (2006)More
Screenplay:Offside (2006), Utan dig (2003)
Cast:Cockpit (2012), Once upon a Time in Phuket (2012), Scenes from a Celebrity Life (2009), To Love Someone (2007)More
Story Editor:Måste (2003)
Casting:Cockpit (2012)
Screenplay:Utan dig (2003), Offside (2006)
Awards:Ingmar Bergman-priset